Lavrov calls Afghan situation far from stable while Russia hosting Talibs

14:45, 20 October 2021
Lavrov calls Afghan situation far from stable while Russia hosting Talibs Photo: Mustafa Kaya/XinHua/Global Look Press

A delegation from the Taliban* headed by Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan’s interim government Mullah Abdul Salam Hanafi and which includes a number of officials, including Foreign Minister Ahmadullah Muttaqi. arrived in Russia’s President Hotel to hold the third session of the talks between the Taliban and the Russian government.

The Taliban representatives did not give any comment to reporters while entering the hotel. 

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia aims to persuade the Taliban into forming an inclusive government. 

During the meeting he urged the Taliban to keep its promises which include holding the turmoil outside the borders of Afghanistan.

He also noted the importance of social policy as well as the respect of basic human rights and the freedoms of Afghan citizens. 

Lavrov said that the current situation in Afghanistan remains far from stable which makes it a haven for terrorists, adding that Russia is currently pleased with the relations between the two countries. 

“Now a new administration is in power. This is an accomplished fact which places great responsibility on the Taliban movement. We note its efforts to stabilize the military-political situation and to improve the activities of the state apparatus,” Lavrov said in a statement.

*Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia and many other countries.