Man opens fire at Moscow’s public reg office over masks policy, two died

16:12, 07 December 2021
Man opens fire at Moscow’s public reg office over masks policy, two died Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin/Global Look Press

A man opened fire on Tuesday at Moscow’s government-based multifunctional community registration center “My Documents” killing a security guard and injuring an employee for The Moscow City Public Environmental Works and Services Department "Gilishnik", according to Baza.

Later, the operator of the Moscow city public housing and utilities sector died, local media reported.

The shooting happened on December 7 in Moscow’s Southeast. The preliminary version of the conflict is that there was an argument between a culprit and other people regarding the wearing of a face mask as protection against coronavirus, so that triggered a fight, according to the reports.

The first victim had died before the ambulance came to the scene.

The shooter was eventually arrested right after the police came. Witnesses said that a man whose name was later pronounced - Sergei - was in state of inadequacy. 

Earlier in Moscow, the owner of the luxurious SUV started blasting at the taxi driver following the road conflict between these two men. The culprit, 43-year-old Dmitry Makhalov later said he couldn’t resolve the problem peacefully without using a handgun after the taxi driver started moving backwards to “press” the Cadillac Escalade which belonged to Makhalov. The target is 34-year-old Almanbet Abdrakhmanov was sent to a hospital while the handcuffed shooter headed to a police office.