Navalny’s designation in jail alters to ‘extremist’ from ‘flight risk’

17:36, 12 October 2021
Navalny’s designation in jail alters to ‘extremist’ from ‘flight risk’ Photo: AGN

An opposition figure in Russia, Alexey Navalny, who is currently imprisoned in correctional colony №2 in Vladimir Oblast, said he has been reclassified from “flight risk” to “terrorist.”

Navalny, who has been in custody since February, said he was glad that his designation had been altered, pointing that the prison guards would stop disturbing him overnight. Earlier, the prisoner repeatedly complained that the constant disturbance came from the prison employees while night describing these actions as they attended his room several times to check Navalny hadn't escaped.

The decision of changing his in-jail-status has been made after the gathering of a specially-convened commision with Navalny in attendance. 

At the end of September, Russia’s Investigative Committee started a new case regarding Navalny and his aides. The reason for the trial was Navalny’s setting up “an extremist group” together with his partners. Moreover, Navalny's anti-corruption foundation had gained an “extremist” status before September's trial took its start. 

Within the above-mentioned September’s case, he may face up to 10 years behind bars, if found guilty.

On February 2, Simonovsky court of Moscow sentenced Navalny to prison for the Yves Rocher case. Before the verdict came, Navalny had been under the suspended sentence, which had been subsequently reviewed. The judgement came as Navalny started ignoring mandatory inspection attendance, in which she had to appear for registry twice a month.