Aircraft with 20 skydivers aboard crashed in Russia

12:04, 10 October 2021
Aircraft with 20 skydivers aboard crashed in Russia

A light engine aircraft L-410 with 23 people aboard crashed near the Russian city of Kazan on October 10.

The communication with the aircraft was lost almost at once. The plane flew over 1 kilometer (0,6 miles) and crashed ten minutes after taking off. 

It’s been reported that two crew members have been found dead. The emergency service reached the accident scene and could pull out seven people alive from the plane; all of them were immediately hospitalized.

The local media initially reported that 19 people were dead but the emergency service denied the information and claimed that they are currently engaged in rescue operations.

According to the latest data, 11 people haven't survived; the fate of the other five passengers is still unknown.

The aircraft belonged to the local skydiver club and it had been used since 1987. The local media reported that the plane body was cracked without ignition after the collapse but the back of the plane remained intact.

The aviation service suggested that exceeding the number of the passengers or malfunction of the plane might be the primary causes of the accident.