Prison torture whistleblower in Russia put on wanted list

17:32, 23 October 2021
Prison torture whistleblower in Russia put on wanted list Photo: Гулагу-нет Официальный канал/

The Russian police put a Belarus citizen Sergey Savelyev who shared the video of prison tortures on the wanted list, according to the Russian interior ministry's website.

Earlier, Savelyev left Russia and moved to France to seek political asylum.

He said in the video posted on Russian human rights resource that authorities are trying to shut his mouth.

"It's a shame that instead of using the time to reform the system and investigate all this terrible evidence we gave them, they are trying to hide the truth," he added.

On October 6 Human rights activists published some videos showing the inmates being tortured by the jail guards and personnel. Over a thousand videos have been uploaded by

The video archive of shocking content was smuggled from the city of Saratov prison by Savelyev who served 7,5 years there for drug trafficking. He was asked to work as an IT specialist in prison and he managed to download the footage of tortures on a USB flash drive.

According to founder Vladimir Osechkin: "it is the first time that human rights defenders have obtained such a colossal amount of information on abuses in Russian prisons.’’

Osechkin said that more than 200 inmates have been tortured and raped, with 40 depicted in videos.