Russia demands security guarantees from NATO to avoid confrontation

14:07, 13 December 2021
Russia demands security guarantees from NATO to avoid confrontation Photo: MFA Russia/via Look Press

Top diplomat Ryabkov said that their lack would lead to confrontation and a military response from Russia.

On Monday Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told news agency RIA that a confrontation with NATO was likely if it failed to provide security guarantees concerning the Alliance’s expansion in Eastern Europe.

In his interview, Ryabkov has unveiled that Russia will make a military-technical response if NATO deploys intermediate- and shorter-range weapon systems in Europe.

“The lack of progress in a political and diplomatic way of resolving the issue will result in our military or military-technical response. We need guarantees and they must be legal, that is what we seek,” the diplomat warned.

He added that NATO’s assurances and promises were not convincing because Russia had little confidence in the Alliance since it “changed its mind like nothing had ever happened” and frequently neglected its obligations.

The diplomat said that Russia possessed no intermediate- and shorter-range weapons since it respected the obligations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty which had limited the development of such arms. The INF Treaty was suspended by ex-president of the US Donald Trump in 2019.

“We call on the US and NATO to join the moratorium,” Ryabkov said.

He also unveiled that the Foreign Ministry would send its security offers to the US and “maybe some other NATO members” in the upcoming weeks, adding that main negotiations will be held directly with Washington due to its leading role in the Alliance.

Concerning European NATO members, Ryabkov wished they paid more attention to the continent’s security.

“We are very disappointed by Europe’s disparaging attitude towards Euro-Atlantic’s security.”

According to Russia’s Deputy, the next round of talks with the US on strategic stability is expected to be held in January.

Apart from the situation in Europe, Ryabkov also mentioned the nuclear negotiations with Iran, saying that the talks with the Middle East giant were progressing.

“Basing on Iran’s resolutions, I can say surely that they demonstrated ultimate seriousness in their approach to solve the problem.”

Iran has earlier sent two drafts of the agreement implying lifting international economic sanctions in exchange for curbing its nuclear development program.

Russia withdrew its diplomatic staff from NATO’s office in Brussels in October after the Alliance had expelled eight diplomats accused of spying.