Russia must reinforce its army over NATO activity, Defense Minister says

18:09, 24 November 2021
Russia must reinforce its army over NATO activity, Defense Minister says Photo: Kremlin Pool/Global Look Press

Sergey Shoigu has unveiled plans to strengthen Russia’s military branch due to the complex military and political situation in the world.

Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu announced on Wednesday that NATO’s military activity near Russian borders makes it enhance the capacities of its non-nuclear forces.

“The complicated military and political situation in the world and the increasing activity of NATO troops nearby Russia’s borders dictate the need for further quality development of our military,” the minister said in a statement.

He has also named the priorities of the development of the armed forces including increasing its combat efficiency, maintaining the operational status of nuclear weapons, and improving Russia’s non-nuclear combat capacities.

Shoigu added that the Defense Ministry will focus on fulfilling these objectives and supply modern equipment, vehicles, and arms of high accuracy.

The announcement comes days after Russia’s military recorded several flights carried out by two NATO P-8A Poseidon, U-2S, and RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft near Crimea. The ministry regards the maneuvers as a threat to regional security and strategic stability.

Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed worries about NATO’s growing activity and accused the union of neglecting “red lines” and Russia’s warnings during an enlarged board meeting of the Russian Foreign Ministry.