Russia's daily COVID incidence keeps rising

11:12, 27 November 2020
Russia's daily COVID incidence keeps rising Photo: Sergey Lantyukhov/

Medical specialists identified 27,543 new COVID-19 cases in the Russian Federation over the past day.

In total, 2,215,533 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus in Russia since the pandemic onset.

Over the past day, Russian hospitals discharged 26,682 COVID-19 patients after their full recovery. In total, 1,712,174 Russians have managed to cope with the disease during the epidemic

Meanwhile, 496 people died due to COVID-related health complications, which brought the country's total coronavirus death toll to 38,558.

More than 61.36 million people globally have contracted the virus since the onset of the pandemic. The deadly pathogen has claimed over 1.43 million lives, though unable to cope with 42.44 million patients, who managed to recover.

WHO announced the coronavirus pandemic on March 11, 2020. The outbreak began in China in late 2019, with first cases reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province. According to preliminary estimations, the city's wet market became the source of COVID-19.

People need to follow simple rules to protect their health and themselves from coronavirus infection, Head of Rospotrebnadzor (the Russian consumer watchdog) Anna Popova said, reported.