Russia’s Putin still to decide whether to run for 2024 presidential race

17:48, 30 November 2021
Russia’s Putin still to decide whether to run for 2024 presidential race Photo: Sergey Lantuhov/

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin shed light on his participation in the future presidential elections in the country which are scheduled to happen in 2024.

Speaking upon the subject at a Russian investment forum dubbed “Russia calls” in Moscow the President said that the decision to run for the next six-year term of the presidency hasn’t yet come.

“Whether or not I do this is yet to be decided, but the very existence of this right is already stabilising the domestic political situation,” Vladimir Putin said.

However, the President emphasized that he has a right to participate, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

There were constitutional amendments made during Putin’s term which extended the period of the presidency by two years changing the span of the full term from four to six years.

If Vladimir Putin re-elects in 2024, a new President will appear no earlier than 2030.

Earlier, US politician Steve Cohen and his partner Joe Wilson drafted a proposal to the House of Representatives which suggested to stop recognizing Vladimir Putin as the Russian President if the country’s head would win in the following elections. Staying in office beyond 2024 will be “illegitimate”, they said.

The Russian side commenting on the proposal said that it was a “pure interference in our internal affairs” also calling it “cynical” and deprived of any common sense.