Russia sends nuclear-capable aircraft to patrol Belarusian air zone

20:19, 10 November 2021
Russia sends nuclear-capable aircraft to patrol Belarusian air zone Photo: Max071086/ BY-SA 3.0

The move is regarded as a sign of Russia’s support for its ally amid the aggravating migrant crisis at the border with Poland.

On Wednesday Russia deployed two nuclear-capable bombers in the sky of neighboring Belarus while the neighboring country finds itself in the row with the EU caused by a migrant crisis at its borders with Poland. The news was presented by Russia’s Ministry of defense on its website.

According to the statement, two Tu-23m3 planes took part in the patrol to train cooperation with command centers of Russia and Belarus. Besides, the planes participated in checking Belarus’s air defense system. The ministry concluded that all the tasks have been successfully completed and the aircraft returned to their base in Russia.

However, the EU considers the flights to be linked with the current migrant crisis which hit its Eastern part. Hundreds of migrants have gathered at the Belarus-Poland border in recent days seeking to penetrate the territory of the EU member.

The EU accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of accepting migrants from the Middle East and Afghanistan and then forcing them to cross the Polish border, therefore, provoking a crisis aiming at destabilizing the Union. The first allegations were presented by Lithuania in June while the situation has reached its peak in recent days.

European ambassadors have called on imposing new sanctions on Belarus and its President accusing him of practicing "hybrid warfare".

Belarus and Russia responded that the EU did not respect its humanitarian ideals and migration policy adding that imposing new sanctions on Belarus was unacceptable. The bloc admits that the crisis is likely to become a humanitarian catastrophe.