Russia warns of incidents due to NATO's activeness near its borders

09:10, 28 December 2020
Russia warns of incidents due to NATO's activeness near its borders Photo: Cpl. William Chockey/Global Look Press

Russia's Deputy Minister of Defense, Colonel-General Alexander Fomin, has warned of potential incidents due to an increased NATO activeness near the Russian borders.

In 2020, the activity of the aviation and naval forces of the Alliance has increased significantly. It causes more situations that can lead to serious incidents, he said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Fomin added that NATO maneuvers near Russian borders are regular and provocative. So, ahead of the 75th anniversary of Victory, a detachment of warships of the united naval forces of the Alliance held trainings. In August and September 2020, more than 15 flights of American strategic bombers B-52H and B-1B were recorded near the Russian border. He also recalled that in October, the British Navy destroyer Dragon made a passage through the territorial sea of ​​Russia in the area of ​​Cape Chersonesos. On November 24, 2020, US Navy destroyer John McCain entered Peter the Great Bay.

According to Fomin, the high-level professional training of Russian pilots and sailors helped avoid serious incidents.

Earlier, NATO's strategic report indicated that Moscow continues to pursue 'assertive policies and aggressive actions' globally. According to the Alliance, this circumstance prevents a constructive dialogue with Russia.

The document drafters also talked about the negative impact of Russia's vigorous activity in the Black and Baltic Seas, in the Arctic, and the Eastern Mediterranean on the Euro-Atlantic security. The document mentions the so-called aggression of Moscow against Ukraine and Georgia. reported earlier that NATO had accused Russia of pursuing an aggressive policy.