Russian FSB detain 106 Ukrainian radicals

16:46, 13 December 2021
Russian FSB detain 106 Ukrainian radicals

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) conducted a large-scale special operation against the followers of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group "M.K.U." in several Russian regions, TASS reported.

The group was created by the citizen of Ukraine Yegor Krasnov. He was put on the international wanted list and operated "under the auspices of the Ukrainian special services," the FSB said.

"The Federal Security Service acting jointly with the Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee of Russia has carried out a detective and investigative measures concerning 106 supporters of the Ukrainian “M.K.U.” neo-Nazi youth gang uncovered in 37 Russian regions," the FSB press office said.

FSB added that the purpose of the measures was to suppress the action, inspired by Krasnov in various regions of Russia, "within the framework of which his supporters were given instructions via messengers and social networks on committing terror acts and mass killings."

In addition, the Russian law enforcement agency detained three administrators of the "M.K.U." Internet communities propagandize extremist ideology on Krasnov’s command and call for violent actions.

FSB also found at the neo-Nazi radicals apartments in the Russian regions of Penza and Komi hunting firearms, edged weapons, ammunition, and tear gas cans.

Ukraine's SBU security service has deniability, telling Reuters it had no role in the case and was focused on counter-intelligence inside Ukraine. There was no immediate comment from the Ukrainian government.