Russian Navy tracks French frigate Black Sea

14:47, 14 December 2021
Russian Navy tracks French frigate Black Sea Photo: MOD Russia/Global Look Press

A French army ship equipped with guided rockets entered the Black Sea as the Russian Navy is tracking its maneuvers.

"The Black Sea Fleet’s forces and capabilities have started to track the French Navy’s missile frigate Auvergne that has entered the Black Sea," Russia’s National Defense Control Center said in a statement.

Several days earlier a Russian Su-30 fighter jet escorted an American military plane of the P-8A model also over the Black Sea.

The Black Sea and the region in general are seeing a considerable rise in tensions amid Nato fears that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine. 

During the recent talksbetween the two Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin no considerable progress was made on the matter.

Despite Russia’s assurance that an invasion plan is not being developed Europe and the West are developing heavy sanctions.

Among the possible sanctions will be those that would heavily harm Russia’s banking sector which would be disconnected from the SWIFT system.

The claims have affected the stock market as investors panicky sold shares of Russia’s companies as Sber making it lose almost all of its 2021 rapid growth.

Russia claims that the conflict might easily be stemmed down if the west provides guarantees that Nato’s expansion would not affect the safety of Russia.

Following the presidential talks Biden was asked whether he plans to send American troops to Ukraine to which he replied that such a serious measure is currently “not on the table.”