Three vehicles collide in Moscow, two dead

16:27, 20 November 2021
Three vehicles collide in Moscow, two dead Photo: Sergey Bulkin/

Three vehicles BMW, Mercedes-Benz GL450 and Volvo collided on Kutuzovsky Prospekt near Kutuzovskaya metro station.

The one who was in the BMW has died on the scene, according to the SHOT Telegram channel, it is also said that two other individuals were injured.

The BMW driver who is now dead allegedly turned into the opposite line and crashed two other cars as a result of the maneuver. The local reports said the force of the collision caused the BMW driver to fly out of the car and hit the road. His passenger later died in a hospital, according to the source. 

There was another individual reported being injured in the collision.

The BMW driver was a bloger Said Gubdensky.

The second victim of the accident was Zaur Ibgraghimov. He was a head of the Auto and Moto Sport Federation the the Russia's Republic of Dagestan.