Air keeps leaking at ISS despite new patch

16:47, 19 November 2020
Air keeps leaking at ISS despite new patch Photo:

A new patch installed by the ISS cosmonauts in the Russian Zvezda module did not stop the air leak, cosmonauts said in the conversation with the Earth, broadcast by NASA.

On November 17, Sergey Ryzhikov repaired the crack with a patch of rubber and aluminum foil. On November 18, during their spacewalk, cosmonauts Ryzhikov and Kud-Sverchkov inspected the Zvezda module in the crack area. They photographed the casing and reported to the Earth that they found no more damage. The cosmonauts have specified the size of the crack; it is 4.5 cm long.

It is noted that after the conducted works, the crew closed the hatch to the intermediate chamber, where the crack is located, to check the tightness. On Thursday night, the hatch was opened again. Ryzhikov reported to the Mission Control Center near Moscow that the pressure in the 'leaking' compartment dropped from 736 to 685 mm mercury column.

Cosmonauts spotted the leak a year ago. Experts believe that the crack could have appeared due to the penetration of the station's body by a micrometeorite or micro fragments of space debris. reported earlier that cosmonauts had sealed the crack in Russian ISS module with new patch.