FDA to permit to ‘mix and match’ vaccine boosters

14:59, 19 October 2021
FDA to permit to ‘mix and match’ vaccine boosters Photo: Peter Endig/ZB/Global Look Press

The Food and Drug US federal agency is to permit Americans to mix between booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccines which means that the booster will not necessarily be the same brand as the original shot.

The first mixing variant which will be authorized will be between Moderna’s and Johnson and Johnson’s vaccines, however it is expected that in the near future other combos will also be allowed.

The authorization is based on a FDA-sponsored research named “mix and match” which was carried out by the National Institute of Health.

Receiving a booster shot from the opposite mark of the vaccine raises the general effectiveness of the medical treatment, according to the study.

Earlier, another study showed that the effectiveness of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine fell from 88% to 3% in a span of just six months.