NASA’ helicopter to fly again despite running out of date

16:14, 21 November 2021
NASA’ helicopter to fly again despite running out of date Photo: JimBridenstine/

NASA’s helicopter called Ingenuity will proceed with discoveries on Mars since the planned period for the copter to be in space expired seven months ago.

The copter is currently on the Red Planet waiting for its new flight that is scheduled on Saturday.

 Ingenuity is also accompanied by a rover Perseverance which mostly discovers the Jezero Crater to know whether there was an ancient life. 

Recently, the rover also successfully took samples of the Martian rock after the failed try, and thus the scientists concluded that the crater was deluged long ago. Ingenuity helps Perseverance with various missions by scouting the way and providing the operators with photos taken from the above showing the safe paths to objects.

Teddy Tzanetos, a member of NASA’s Ingenuity team, said that any flight including the Satur day’s can be the last for the copter.

The Ingenuity has been on Mars since April 2021 and was deployed to conduct five flights in a span of 30 days. 

Nonetheless, the robot has completed 15 missions instead of five as it had been initially planned.

The ones who are responsible for operating Ingenuity tend to think that the components have to be repaired or replaced and there will be no wonder if the device starts malfunctioning.