18 NBA players accused of almost $4 mn health insurance fraud

12:42, 08 October 2021
18 NBA players accused of almost $4 mn health insurance fraud

18 former NBA players were accused of health insurance fraud and identity theft with aggravating circumstances.  

The basketball players were involved in a scheme aiming at receiving compensation from the NBA insurance fund. The players didn’t have any injuries or diseases but provided documents with fake medical procedures and treatment. 

The NBA fund was established in 2017 to cover medical expenses for current and former players. 

The total amount of fraud insurance requests was $3,9 million of which $2,5 million had already been paid.

There are no NBA superstars on that list. The most prominent player is Anthony Allen, who became a champion with the Boston Celtics in 2008 and spent seven seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies. 

The mastermind of the fraud was Terence Wiliams, who finished his professional career back in 2015. 

Terence reached the players and contemplated them to get additional money for using the fraud scheme. He provided partners in crime with fake medical certificates and invoices while they had to go to the hospital and get paid for their “injuries”. After that, the players were supposed to pay Williams back for his service by sharing the insurance payments. 

But the hoax has been revealed. The fake invoices were poorly made, with the wrong watermarks, data, and other information. According to the medical record of three players, they filled six of the same teeth at the same time at the same dental office.

In another case, former Houston Rockets player Greg Smith allegedly visited the dentist in Beverly Hills, California on December 28 2018. However, Smith played for the Taiwan team that day and scored 11 points.

The insurance agents discovered widespread mismatches and applied to the court. The investigation has started and all the fraudsters got a subpoena.