Covington mentions Usman's father during verbal war at UFC press conference

17:19, 05 November 2021
Covington mentions Usman's father during verbal war at UFC press conference Photo:

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman (19-1 MMA) and Colby Covington (16-2 MMA) have exchanged mutual offenses at Thursday’s press conference two days ahead of their fight, in which “Nigerian Nightmare” will defend his title against the American.

The fight will be a rematch between two mixed martial artists. The very first fight between Usman and Covington took place back in 2019 and resulted in Usman’s win over Colby as the main judge Marc Goddard stopped the fight in the fifth round due to a technical knockout.

There was no respect towards each other at the pre-fight press conference for the forthcoming UFC event that will take place this Saturday.

Covington had Usman’s parents involved in their verbal war.

When Usman responded to Covington’s accusation about faking (during the fight Usman indicated groin strike while the camera showed the kick was landed on the liver area), “Nigerian Nightmare” said: “I stayed in the fight and I broke your ****ing jaw.”

Colby responded by adding oil in the fire involving Usman’s father: “The only thing you broke was daddy out of prison. Where’s that jailbird at? We need the scam artist here just like his son.”

Shortly after Colby’s verbal assault, Usman said he respects Covington as a fighter, but as a person, he is a “piece of ***t.” “I cannot believe this father let him put this persona on,” Usman fired back.

“At least my father wasn’t in prison. Scamming everybody out of their hard-earned money. These people work their a**es off, all these blue-collar Americans and you are going to scam them out of millions of dollars?”

Usman replied: “I’m looking at your dad here in the corner, very respectable man, and I can just tell he’s embarrassed each and every time you open your mouth.”

Kamaru Usman’s father Muhammed had been sentenced to 15 years behind bars on the charges of money laundering and fraud in the pharmaceutical sphere. The fighter insisted that his father, who owned an ambulance company, was clean and all the crimes were committed by the employees. After 10 years in custody, he was released in early 2020.

The two fighters will settle scores at UFC 268 within the main event of the evening and the results will show who is the true champion in the welterweight division.