Footballer Karim Benzema found guilty in sex tape blackmail case

14:48, 24 November 2021
Footballer Karim Benzema found guilty in sex tape blackmail case Photo: Tomi Hänninen/Newspix24/Newspix24/Global Look Press

Versailles’s criminal court has sentenced the Real Madrid star to a one-year suspended jail term and a fine of €75,000 ($84,000). 

A French court has convicted Real Madrid and French national team football player Karim Benzema of conspiring to blackmail his teammate Mathieu Valbuena with a sex tape. The striker has received a suspended sentence of one year and a €75,000 ($84,000) fine. 

Four other co-defendants have also been found guilty in the 2015 scandal which shocked the football community and France which resulted in eliminating both players from the national team at the time. Neither of them attended the Wednesday court hearing. 

According to the court, 33-year-old Benzema was an accomplice of blackmailers who had illegally possessed a sex tape of Olympiakos player Mathieu Valbuena. It follows that Benzema exercises pressure on Valbuena at a 2015 summer training camp to pay the extorters as he himself acted as an intermediary. 

Footballer Karim Benzema found guilty in sex tape blackmail case

Benzema has denied the accusations stating that he sought only to help his teammate remove the compromising footage. 

His lawyers have immediately announced that they will appeal against the decision. 

“The judgment is completely contradictory. In fact, the court itself has clearly indicated that Karim Benzema was unaware of the prior maneuvers. Benzema has nothing to feel guilty about in this matter.”


Valbuena’s attorney Didier Domat has unveiled that the footballer was satisfied with the outcome adding however that the decision will not erase the prejudice imposed on the player. 

“My client expected a recognition of his victim status, he has obtained it, he is satisfied with it, he is waiting for no apologies.”

Benzema has recently scored Real Madrid’s 1,000th goal in Champions League history and was nominated for the Ballon d’Or 2021 trophy.