Gaethje wins over Chandler at UFC 268, likely to be ‘Fight of the Year’

10:37, 07 November 2021
Gaethje wins over Chandler at UFC 268, likely to be ‘Fight of the Year’ Photo:

The fight between Justin Gaethje and Michael Chandler at UFC 268 would most likely be included in the “Fight of the year” list as both competitors made a show that MMA fans were longing for.

Gaethje defeated Michael “Blessed” Chandler via judges’ decision. The voice of the octagon, Bruce Buffer, pronounced the results - 29:28, 29:28, 30:27.

Despite there being no spectacular finish, both fighters didn’t hesitate to move forward with following punches and kicks when the signal to fight came. The rivalry lasted in the very center of the octagon as neither thought to step back.

Matchmakers did a good job and likely will receive an additional payment for arranging this fight as Just Gaethje is considered to be one of the toughest men in the promotion due to his endurance and fight style and Michael Chandler, three times Bellator champion, who received a good opportunity to prove his skills in the octagon under the banner of the UFC. Chandler was determined to win as he aimed at returning to the UFC’s title race in the lightweight division. However, the second loss in a row pushed him several positions away from the number one contender.

The fight itself was full of clear and powerful strikes perfectly combined with leg kicks and body shots. The ending of the first round added oil into the fire as both fighters exchanged dozens of devastating strikes and it had been completely unclear who would win the fight.

Both fighters absorbed multiple strikes and there was even a spectacular slam from Chandler, which MMA fans like so much.

After the final gong fighters embraced each other showing much respect towards each other with following praises and thanking each other for such a fight as both of them could predict they would earn a “Fight of the Night” bonus.

It was said both bruised fighters were immediately taken to a hospital following the massacre that was presented to MMA lovers.

Twitter was blasted by other fighters who rushed to express their thoughts on that fight to the public.