Liverpool refuses to sign contracts with unvaccinated players

14:23, 19 December 2021
Liverpool refuses to sign contracts with unvaccinated players

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has voiced a principled position for the club regarding unvaccinated players, the Daily Mail reported.

Klopp said the club will refuse to sign contracts with unvaccinated players. He stressed that many players without vaccination will face problems in finding a new team.

Klopp is convinced that an unvaccinated player is a threat to the entire team.

“I think being vaccinated will be influential, definitely, in who clubs sign. He doesn't want to be a threat, it's not that he thinks, I don't care about the others, but he is,'' said the Liverpool manager. 

At the moment, three Liverpool players may be infected with the coronavirus as Virgil Van Dijk, Fabinho and Curtis Jones have already missed the match against Newcastle.

“From an organizational point of view, it gets messy.We'd have to find different scenarios. He has to change in a different dressing room, he has to eat in a different dining room, he has to sit in a different bus, he has to drive in a different car. If you really want to follow the protocols, it is incredibly difficult to do,” Klopp added.

Klopp encourages vaccination against COVID-19. He considers vaccination to be obligatory from the point of view of human morality.