Silva vs. Ortiz results and MMA fighter reactions on event

09:39, 12 September 2021
Silva vs. Ortiz results and MMA fighter reactions on event Photo:

The majority of MMA and Boxing fans have anticipated the striking competition of two honorable mixed martial arts veterans Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz in a boxing match that took place at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Triller Fight Club Legends II. The fighters were given 8 rounds to find out, who would claim a victory, but the rivalry ended up considerably quicker than it was expected.

Only 81 seconds was enough for one of the warriors to put a dot on this competition.

As soon as the gong sounded, Tito Ortiz was being active, initiating the series of one-two’s taking the middle of the ring and constantly attempting to push Silva back.

Ortiz’s mindset seemed to have aimed at a fast and spectacular finish by KO, as his actions showed. Silva’s footwork and successful defense couldn’t allow him to obtain heavy punches thrown by Ortiz.

After 1 minute of the fight, the ex-MMA champion Ortiz finally pushed Silva to the corner and hastened his punching tempo, landing some hits on the Brazilian MMA star. However, Silva’s experience and high level of technique couldn’t betray him as he dodged some significant punches and after ducking, Silva countered with a precise hook that seriously stunned Ortiz. After the successful shot, Silva was needed just a couple of punches to put a kibosh on the fight. So did he. As a result of the counter attack by Silva, Ortiz fell down unconscious and the fight was immediately stopped by the main judge on the ring.

Anderson Silva looked calm and showed no emotions on his victory, just like it was all according to his scenario.

Numerous active MMA fighters went on Twitter sharing their expressions regarding the fight, emphasizing the spectacular performance and the good conditions of the Brazilian star.