Steve Bruce leaves Newcastle as club seeks for new manager

16:41, 20 October 2021
Steve Bruce leaves Newcastle as club seeks for new manager Photo: Nigel Keene via Look Press

Football manager Steve Bruce has retired from Newcastle United as the club made a decision of the need for crucial changes. 

Bruce had been working for the club for two years after he replaced Rafael Benitez in the mid-summer of 2019 and went through 1,000 games as a club manager. 

Steve Bruce parted with New Castle by mutual consent.

While stepping back Steve Bruce dropped a farewell speech thanking the club for the opportunity to work with: “I am grateful to everyone connected with Newcastle United for the opportunity to manage this unique football club.”

The club thanked Bruce in turn for his contribution and wished the ex-manager all the best. Nonetheless, Bruce’s assistant Graeme Jones remained in the club and would take the duty of a caretaker for the forthcoming game at Crystal Palace that was scheduled to take place on Saturday.

The decision regarding Bruce has been most likely made due to the team's poor results as the club holds 19th of 20 places in season 2021-2022 of the English Premier League.

Bruce is expected to receive payment worth of 7 million sterling pounds for his work.

Newcastle United has its candidates to hire as managers. One of them is Paulo Fonseca, ex-coach for Shakhtar Donetsk and Roma, who is currently out of work and had been due to join Tottenham in June. Lucien Favre is also considered as the certain man, who can get the job done. Favre used to work for Nice and Borussia Dortmund.

Newcastle United showed unsatisfying results in eight games within which it couldn’t win any of the matches, losing five and having three draws. It is the second worst result in the English Premier League. Norwich City dwells at the very bottom of the list having only two draws with six losses in eight games, with only two points earned.

Chelsea is the leader of the scoreboard with six wins, one draw and one loss, so the team has earned 19 points.