UFC president Dana White upset broadcasters didn’t show Trump live

16:55, 15 July 2021
UFC president Dana White upset broadcasters didn’t show Trump live Photo: Reinaldo Reginato/

President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, expressed his thoughts regarding the former President of the US Donald Trump, who attended UFC 264 that took place on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas,  wasn’t shown on the broadcast during the event.

Dana explained that there was a plan to show Donald Trump in time between co-main and main events, so the camera had to start showing people from some big-name celebrities ending with Donald Trump.

“We were getting ready to show him right between the co-main and main events, I think you remember that we showed OBJ. We showed OBJ, then it was supposed to go to David Spade, 2 Chainz, and then the president, and we had some kinda glitch in the truck. Then the Conor fight ended up ending in the 2nd round so we never got a chance", Dana White said.

"Let me tell you what, massive f*** up by my production team, but ya know, it’s live TV and these things happen”, Dana added.

The video shows how Dana White greeted the former president before the start of the main card, and how Donald Trump got a nice ovation from the crowd. 

Dana White was surely upset that broadcasters didn’t show Trump, but the former president, allegedly, wasn't bothered about this at all.