Apple to release self-driving car by 2025

15:30, 19 November 2021
Apple to release self-driving car by 2025 Photo: Artur Widak/

Apple plans to release a fully self-driving car by 2025, Bloomberg reported.

The company will create an “Apple Car” that can be operated without a steering wheel and pedals. However, the steering wheel won’t be removed from the electric car, it means that in case of emergencies the driver can take control.

Apple is going to make its cars much safer than Tesla's as self-driving cars will remain operational even in the event of a crash and the charging will be universal.

In addition, the company is considering an unusual interior option, where passengers sit on the sides of the cabin opposite each other with An iPad-like interactive screen installed inside the vehicle. The car would also be heavily integrated with Apple’s existing services and devices.

The project will be led by Kevin Lynch, who took over the autonomous vehicle division in September. The company has already completed major work on the chip for the first car. It consists mainly of neural processors that can be processed by Artificial Intelligence.

Some experts have described the new car timeline as “very aggressive”; some of them believe that Apple Car’s debut might slip into 2026 or later.