China’s rover Yutu 2 spots cube-shaped object on Moon surface

18:23, 07 December 2021
China’s rover Yutu 2 spots cube-shaped object on Moon surface Photo: NASA/USGS

China’s rover dubbed Yutu 2 has discovered a mysterious object on the surface of the Moon while exploring Von Karman crater.

The object which appeared on the horizon at around 90 meters distance had a cube-shaped form, according to a logbook uploaded by Our Space, a Chinese space channel affiliated with the China National Space Administration.

The initial given name for this object has been a “mystery hut”, which doesn’t seem to reflect reality.

However, the researchers paid true interest towards the “hut”, which means that the object has turned to objective as from that moment Yutu 2 has changed its plans to explore the crater in favor of discovering the new target.

The Chinese space agenda was expanded with a new task to get closer to the cube-shaped object and find out what it is. The rover needs approximately two or three days to approach the matter of interest.

The most truthful explanation of what was recorded on the rover’s camera is that the object was a large boulder which appeared as a result of a forceful blow.

The solar-powered Yutu 2 first landed on the far side of the Moon back in January of 2019, and has traversed roughly 120 miles since then.