COVID-19 rapid test device created in Singapore

13:41, 01 December 2020
COVID-19 rapid test device created in Singapore Photo:

Singaporean scientists have created a device that makes it possible to get coronavirus PCR test results in five minutes.

One of the Cell ID executives, which created the device, explained that a nasopharyngeal swab is mixed with a certain amount of a special solution to obtain a sufficient amount of genetic material and placed in a compartment of the device. The device is connected to a computer via a USB port, and the analysis is carried out using an application.

The representative of the developer noted that the device is comparable in size to a bank card. It can be used at airports to test passengers. An antigenic test is currently being used in Singapore, allowing for the result within half an hour. Moreover, its accuracy is slightly lower than that of PCR tests, TASS reported.

German pharmaceutical company BioNTech and its US partner Pfizer have applied for the registration of a vaccine against coronavirus infection in the EU, reported earlier.