SpaceX Crew Dragon-3 docks at ISS

15:32, 12 November 2021
SpaceX Crew Dragon-3 docks at ISS Photo: NASA Kennedy/

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon on Thursday evening has reached its destination point and successfully docked at ISS.

A crew of four - NASA’s Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn, Kayla Barron and an astronaut from the European Space Agency Matthias Maurer - arrived at the international station approximately 22 hours after the rocket blasted from the Earth. Amongst the four, Mashburn is the only astronaut who has been to space before.

The process of lifting up the rocket and the flight itself was broadcast live and as soon as the docking was seen successfully completed NASA’s Courtney Beasley confirmed the results.

“Crew Dragon has officially made it to the ISS,” she said.

The replay of the broadcast was uploaded to NASA’s official YouTube channel

The mission for the crew is expected to last half a year, until April 2022.

The joined four extended the number of astronauts at the ISS to seven. Thus there are five astronauts in an American segment and two in a Russian segment. Crew-3 has replaced the Crew-2 which arrived back to Earth a couple of days before and landed down in the Gulf of Mexico.

The manned Crew Dragon-3 mission is a part of NASA's commercial manned program in collaboration with SpaceX, which is the developer of the spacecraft and launch vehicle. According to the US space agency, the cost of each astronaut seat on the spacecraft is about $58 million.