NASA launched a spacecraft to research Jupiter

17:32, 16 October 2021
NASA launched a spacecraft to research Jupiter Photo: Unsplash

An American space vehicle Lucy took off on Saturday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA reported.

The Lucy spacecraft is aimed to research the origin of the solar system, the Jupiter planet, and so-called Trojan asteroids. 

According to scientists, Trojan asteroids are small space objects which consist of the protoplanet substance remains. The scientists hope to reveal a secret of the Solar system’s origin with Lucy’s help. 

Lucy is expected to spend the next 12 years and accomplish 6,3 billion kilometers in space flying over the solar system and reach Jupiter.

The NASA space vehicle is named after the fossilized human remains which were discovered in Ethiopia in 1974. The fossilized Lucy provided the material to better understand human evolution. 

The discovery got that name from the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”, encouraging the scientists to put in the spacecraft a plaque with the Beatles members lyrics and other words of wisdom on it.

The former drummer of the Beatles Ringo Starr said: “Lucy is going back in the sky with diamonds. Johnny will love that, anyway, if you meet anyone up there, Lucy, give them peace and love from me.”

On October 2 The European spacecraft BepiColombo approached the planet Mercury and managed to send to Earth the first footage of its surface.