NASA's Mars helicopter makes first mile-long flight with new height record

13:27, 26 July 2021
NASA's Mars helicopter makes first mile-long flight with new height record Photo: NASA

NASA reported on the successful completion of the flight of the Mars helicopter Ingenuity on the Red Planet, which became the most difficult and the longest of all time.

According to the Space Agency, it was the 10th test flight of the Ingenuity, in 842 seconds it overcame a record distance of 1 mile and climbed higher than during previous test flights.

On June 24, Ingenuity explored the area on the Red Planet called «Raised Ridges», NASA said in a statement. It was the most difficult flight, involving 10 different waypoints and a total altitude of almost 40 feet.  

Besides, one of the tasks of Ingenuity was to make enough pictures that would help NASA create stereoscopic images of the Raised Ridges. The helicopter stopped, turned around at each waypoint, and used its two cameras for creating the photos. Scientists believe that in the Raised Ridges region ever could be water. 

The helicopter was sent to Mars in February together with The Mars rover Perseverance for NASA's Mars exploration mission. During the trial period, when the speed limits and endurance were checked, NASA`s engineers thought that Ingenuity would break earlier, during the fourth or fifth flight. The helicopter is 3.94 feet long with a total weight of 3,97 pounds. On April 19, Ingenuity made the very first flight with a total altitude of 9,84 feet and a duration of 39 seconds.