Roscosmos chief invites Musk to explore Universe, asks him for tea party

16:05, 08 September 2021
Roscosmos chief invites Musk to explore Universe, asks him for tea party Photo:

The chief of Russian Riscosmos Dmitry Rogozin has invited SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for a tea party in his home in Russia "to be a guest of my family" and discuss "exploring the Universe, extraterrestrial life, and how we can use space to preserve life on Earth," he said in an interview to CNN.

Roscosmos chief said he is also impressed with the United States' burgeoning space tourism industry, including Branson's Virgin Galactic and Bezos' Blue Origin as he closely watched their late space trips.

"Our millionaires prefer to invest more in yachts rather than in spaceships," Roscosmos director general told the broadcaster. "But maybe kids of current Russian millionaires will be much more wise creatures."

"I like what your people are doing — people who spend their own money on things useful for overall society," he said in his first interview with Western media since becoming the head of the Russian space agency.

"Mr. Elon Musk realizes many of the ideas and thoughts that we wanted to realize, but did not get to because, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, our space program halted for some time," Rogozin said, especially praising Elon Musk for his progressive ideas. 

"We respect him as an organizer of the space industry and as an inventor, who is not afraid to take a risk."

"I already set the teakettle on heat," Rogozin tweeted later the link to the interview teasing Musk to chat.

In six hours Musk responded on Twitter to the invitation and thanked the Russian space agency's chief, taking an interest in Rogozin's favorite tea.

"Thanks! What is your favorite tea?" Musk replied with his wonder on Twitter.

An hour later Rogozin popped up with the picture of some looking Indian-made tea called "Three tightknit jumbos."

"Let's start with my grandmother's favorite Indian tea!" he said under the photo sent to Musk.

The most well-known Soviet tea brand with the pack, which depicts an elephant with a Hindu rider sitting on it, was produced in the USSR back in the days. The black tea offered by Rogozin to his American colleague was a blend of different varieties, Indian and Georgian teas, sometimes in contained Ceylon black tea.

Earlier, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos blasted into space aboard their spacecraft. On June 11, the founder of the Virgin Group Richard Branson with five others aboard headed into space onboard VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo. The richest man in the world Bezos completed his first space mission aboard a rocket New Shepard built by his own space company Blue Origin on July 20. 

The next day following Branson's flight Elon Musk rushed to buy a ticket on the Virgin Galactic's future spaceflights, depositing $10,000 to reserve a seat. SpaceX itself finally announced the date of their first private human space flight, which is expected to fire off on September 15.