Rover Perseverance takes its first Mars breed sample

17:13, 07 September 2021
Rover Perseverance takes its first Mars breed sample Photo:

The rover Perseverance could collect the first sample of Martian breeds and put it in a hermetic titanium tube to bring the sample to Earth, NASA reported.

The Rover has a page on Twitter where the fans of Mars can follow the Perseverance steps and updates.

NASA and the European Space Agency planned several flights to take the rover back. The scientists hope that the rover will carry on the mission and will be able to collect additional samples.

"For all of NASA science, this is truly a historic moment," the head of NASA's Science Mission Directorate Thomas Zurbuchen said in a statement on Monday.

It’s undoubtedly a big achievement. Earlier the rover had tried to scare up the breed before. However, the previous samples were critically fragile and the Perseverance couldn't seal them up to the tube.

"Getting the first sample under our belt is a huge milestone," the scientist Ken Farley said.

The rover Perseverance was developed to research the Mars crater Jezero within the NASA mission Mars-2020. The rover was launched on July 30 2020 and successfully landed on the Red Planet surface in February 2021. To date Perseverance has already spent 195 Martian or 200 Earth days on Mars.  

Perseverance is an upgraded version of the previous rover Curiosity. The new rover has seven basic tools, 19 cameras, and two microphones. Perseverance also delivered to the planet a helicopter Ingenuity, which flew over Mars on April 19, 2021.