Scientists disclose most dangerous source of coronavirus infection

09:32, 03 December 2020
Scientists disclose most dangerous source of coronavirus infection Photo:

Experts from China have found out in what conditions the risk of contracting coronavirus is higher, the Science reports.

According to their data, members of the same family are most likely to contract the virus with joint self-isolation - even more than if they used public transport. The lowest chances of catching COVID are in healthcare facilities where the necessary protective measures are in place.

According to scientists, the closer the contact, the higher the chance of infection. Thus, the risk was lower in public transport, cafes and restaurants, and entertainment places than when communicating with a wide range of relatives.

Family members living together are at the greatest risk. The researchers cite frequent contact during self-isolation as a possible reason. Moreover, every day spent in the same house with an infected person increases the likelihood of transmission of the disease by 10 percent. reported earlier that volunteers taking part in coronavirus vaccine trials shouldn’t take an antibody test on their own to keep the study clean, department head at the Jerusalem clinic Hadassah har Ha tzofim, Professor Yackov Berkun said.