SpaceX announces date of private space flight launch

14:08, 06 September 2021
SpaceX announces date of private space flight launch Photo: NASA Kennedy/

SpaceX announced the final date of their first private space flight with people on board.

It’s expected that four astronauts will spend three days in orbit as the launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft should take place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on September 15. The precise time of the launch is to be announced three days before the flight.

The space mission was paid for by the founder of the Shift4 Payments company Jared Isaacman. He also will command the mission. Apart from him, the spacecraft will bring to orbit - Hayley Arceneaux, Chris Sembroski, and Dr. Sian Proctor.

The four junior astronauts were specially trained for the flight. 

“The preparation has involved centrifuge training, Dragon simulations, observations of other SpaceX launch operations, Zero-G plane training, altitude training and additional classroom, simulation, and medical testing,” the company announced.

The Crew Dragon will be outfitted with the big glass dome allowing the crew to observe the Earth and outer space. In addition, the astronauts will be able to use for observation the portholes on the spacecraft sides.

The whole project was approximately estimated at up to $2.6 billion, Forbes claimed.