Watch SpaceX launches Starlink satellites into space

15:37, 14 November 2021
Watch SpaceX launches Starlink satellites into space Photo: SpaceX/via

SpaceX on Saturday launched a rocket with a stack of Starlink satellites into orbit from shrouded in mist Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Station located in Florida, the US at 7:19 am EST and deployed the carriage in cosmos 16 minutes after the takeoff.

The rocket’s first stage, which was developed for multiple uses, experienced no difficulties while returning back to Earth. It landed on the autonomous spaceport drone ship “Just Read the Instructions” in the Atlantic Ocean.

The purpose of bringing Starlink satellites to space is to provide all humanity with accessible internet, especially hard-to-reach places.

It was the second rocket launch into space for SpaceX this week as the company completed the successful launch of the Crew Dragon capsule to the ISS with four astronauts aboard. The docked Crew-3 have replaced Crew-2 astronauts who splashed down on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico on Monday.

Crew-3 is expected to stay in space for the following six months, so their return is scheduled to happen in April.