SpaceX launches new Starlink satellites to orbit (VIDEO)

19:49, 14 September 2021
SpaceX launches new Starlink satellites to orbit (VIDEO) Photo: Global Look Press/

The American company SpaceX successfully launched a heavy-lift rocket Falcon 9 to orbit carrying 51 Starlink satellites which were intended for the deployment of a global space internet project.

"What a beautiful view of Falcon 9 as it successfully lifts off from pad 4E at Vandenberg Space Force Base, carrying our stack of 51 Starlink satellites to orbit," SpaceX's official Youmei Zhou said during the launch broadcast.  

SpaceX's Starlink mega constellation project was aimed to provide internet coverage to the whole planet using orbit satellites. 

It was the 31st launch of the project. To date, the mega constellation consists of 1789 space vehicles. It has been the first Starlink flight in recent months.  

SpaceX is planning to deploy to orbit more than 12,000 space vehicles to create a full-scale and stable internet connection in every corner of the world via a compact user terminal. The overall value of Starlink cost approximately $10 billion.  

"With every Starlink launch, we get closer to connecting the world," Zhou said.

Nowadays SpaceX released over 100,000 internet terminals while 14 countries have access to the Starlink internet.