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Angela Raynor calls Tory ministers ‘a bunch of scum’

15:58, 26 September 2021
Angela Raynor calls Tory ministers ‘a bunch of scum’ Photo: British parliament

Deputy leader of UK’s Labour, Angela Raynor, called the Cabinet of British Ministers “a bunch of scum” at a Labour conference event.

Raynor’s anger was triggered by a speech of UK’s PM Boris Johnson, which seemed to her to be as “homophobic, racist and misogynistic.”

One of the conservative minister’s condemned Raynor’s discourse describing it as she was “talking crap,” whilst another called on her to apologize for the unnecessary acrimony.

When asked whether she would retract the remarks, she replied calling the Prime Minister a “racist, homophobic and misogynist.”

“I think he needs to apologize for comments he has made in the past,” Rayner told the BBC.

“I will apologize when Boris apologizes for saying the comments he has made. I will retract that he is scum.”

Leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer said to a BBC source: “Angela and I take a different approach and that is not language I would have used.” Replying to whether he would ask her to apologize, he said that that was a matter of her, however, he promised to “talk to her later.”

Shadow foreign secretary Linda Nandy told the BBC that it was “not the way that I would choose to articulate my anger.”

Former Unite leader Len McCluskey hasn’t expressed a serious condemnation regarding Raynor’s words describing her speech as “pretty accurate,” adding: “There is an angry mood out there. I think Angie captures it.”

Many other British politicians condemned the “foolish” remarks from Raynor, urging her to make apologies before the offended.

This wasn’t the first time when Angela Raynor used the word “scum” publicly as a year ago she pronounced this word during debate over coronavirus restrictions in the Commons.

Boris Johnson, targeted by Raynor’s anger, earlier came under heavy criticism as he worked as a journalist long ago. Once he was urged to apologize for using in 2002 such terms as “watermelon smiles”, which deeply offended black people and ethnic minorities.