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BoJo wins legal challenge over UK’s Priti Patel misconduct claims

17:31, 06 December 2021
BoJo wins legal challenge over UK’s Priti Patel misconduct claims Photo: Ben Shread/Cabinet Office

Boris Johnson has won the high court challenge against the FDA over his decision to back Home Secretary Priti Patel after she was accused of bullying civil servants.

The claims against Patel were drafted by the FDA union that supports civil servants and later were argued by Boris Johnson who appeared to aid his colleague and subsequently the findings were annulled.

However, Boris Johnson summed up all the factors and came to a conclusion that the ministerial code hadn’t been breached by Patel. 

The report regarding Patel’s misbehaviour, concluded by independent adviser Alex Allan, pointed at the breach of the ministerial standards and said that was an inappropriate way in treating employees like that even if it was “unintentionally.”

Alex Allan stepped down from his duty after Prime Minister Johnson neglected his report.

In the meantime, Patel prepared a “fulsome apology” and said there were “no excuses” regarding the case.

In court, the lawyers for the FDA voiced concerns that the meaning of “bullying” was “misinterpreted” by Boris Johnson when he was to decide whether Patel violated the code or not. 

Johnson’s lawyers, on the contrary, said in court that there hadn’t been “an error of law” and the claim issued by FDA was “not justiciable” at all adding that the ministerial code “does not create or impose any legal duties on ministers or the Prime Minister” and “not regulated by law.”