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British kid, 15, who murdered his classmate, 12, jailed for 16 years

20:14, 08 November 2021
British kid, 15, who murdered his classmate, 12, jailed for 16 years Photo: pixabay.com

Minor drug dealer Marcel Grzeszcz stabbed Roberts Buncis around 70 times after accusing him of being a snitch last December.

UK High Court judge Jeremy Baker sentenced 15-year-old Marcel Grzeszcz to a minimum of 16 years of imprisonment for the murder of his 12-year-old classmate Roberts Buncis on December 12 last year.

According to Lincoln Crown Court, Grzeszcz, 14 at that time, enticed Buncis in a local forest where he stabbed him over 70 times with a knife and tried to decapitate the boy who was bound to have his 13th birthday two days later.

Grzeszcz, who had been expelled from several schools by that time for selling drugs and bringing a knife to the premises, believed that Buncis knew too much about his drug dealing and killed him for being a snitch.

Police tracked down the assaulter and found the knife with Buncis’s blood on it, as well as a burned piece of clothing in a bag with latex gloves. Besides, officers have unveiled that Grzeszcz sent several messages to his friends shortly after the homicide, in which he wrote that things went wrong and that the attack did not turn out as it had been planned.

“There was a significant degree of planning and premeditation, including luring the deceased to the scene and taking the knife with you when you met up with him,” the judge told the teenage killer while pronouncing the sentence.

During the hearings, Grzeszcz claimed that the knife was brought by Buncis adding that he lost control after the 12-year-old tried to stab him. The judge, however, dismissed the allegations.

Roberts Buncis was brought up by single-father Edgars Buncis in Lincolnshire, East of England. Buncis Sr appeared in court and said that he had lost his destination and purpose in life.

“This is all wrong. No father should ever have to bury their son.”

The victim's father refused to participate in tribute meetings, highlighting that he did not want to feel even sadder, and urged other families to remember Roberts with a smile.