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British PM Johnson resorts to ‘Plan B’ to curb Omicron spread

10:47, 09 December 2021
British PM Johnson resorts to ‘Plan B’ to curb Omicron spread Photo: Ben Shread/Cabinet Office

Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson has set up new measures against coronavirus in England within the “Plan B” ordering citizens to work remotely from homes and to have their faces covered with masks when visiting public places.

The following measures came amid a highly contagious variant dubbed Omicron which numerous countries are struggling to contain. Imposing these measures was a necessary move to curb the pandemic until the vaccine booster agenda rolled out.

The move to impose the new restrictions was evaluated as a “hammer blow” which significantly undermines the financial field of public eateries and shops.

Even lawmakers from Johnson’s own party were disgruntled with the new restricting measures expressing concerns that it would have a negative influence on the UK's economy which indicated its vulnerability last year.

“While the picture may get better, and I sincerely hope that it will, we know that the remorseless logic of exponential growth could lead to a big rise in hospitalisations and therefore, sadly, in deaths,” Johnson said.

Some of the measures such as wearing face masks in public places and on the city’s transport had been already set up, but since Wednesday people were also ordered to work from homes.

It has been the fourth lockdown in England since the start of the pandemic and despite Johnson’s vows to avoid the restrictions ahead of the Christmas festivities, he had no other choice rather than to resort to such measures.

Johnson said the necessity in the measures is connected to the growing number of Omicron cases as the country has already registered 568 to date.

Moreover, the confidence toward the Prime Minister and his orders started withering amid the scandal regarding a party at Downing Street, in which senior officials were involved during the lockdown last year.

The acme of the scandal was the leaked video which showed how Johnson’s staff laughed and joked on the subject of how to explain a massive gathering at Downing Street during the lockdown, which seemed offensive to British people.

This led to the resignation of one of Johnson’s advisers Allegra Stratton, who was seen on the leaked video laughing. Both Johnson and Allegra apologized for the event when the former advisor added she would regret this for the rest of her life.