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British Queen missed regular church ceremony

17:00, 25 October 2021
British Queen missed regular church ceremony Photo: Rebecca Naden/AP

Her majesty, 95, wasn’t seen in All Saints Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Great Park yesterday following her spending a night in the hospital last Wednesday, The Sun cited a royal source. The Queen’s stay at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London on October 20 was her first hospital stay in eight years.

Palace sources claimed that the Queen was going to the hospital only for some preliminary investigations without mentioning any particular reasons for an overnight stay.

“The Queen has been to a hospital for tests. She is now back at the castle. She is working. That is all we are saying. End of,” Dickie Arbiter, a former press secretary to the Queen said.

Royal author Angela Levin said: “I am delighted she did not go to church because she is perhaps ­listening and agreeing to temporarily step back...She is very religious and it is very important personally for her to go to church every Sunday.”

The British Queen rarely missed church before. The Queen reportedly may take care of her health to save energy for royal duties.

“It is very sensible to give it a miss so she can do more in the future,” added Levin.

According to the outlet, the Queen will be joined on future public visits by another member of the Royal Family to avoid letting people down at the last minute in case of health scares.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton were “keen to provide any support they can” with her “light duties” engagements.

The BBC’s royal editor, Nicholas Witchell, told BBC Breakfast that the British media had not “been given the complete picture” of her Majesty's conditions.

Earlier, Elizabeth II canceled a short trip to Northern Ireland at the last moment a couple of days ago as she "has reluctantly accepted medical advice". The decision reportedly is not related to coronavirus infection. 

Nevertheless, the Queen will have to lead the Royal Family at the COP26 summit in Glasgow next Monday.

Lately, doctors advised Elizabeth II not to drink her favorite Martini and other liquors to preserve her good health before the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations next summer.

She is expected to travel around Britain to celebrate the 70 years in service Jubilee in May 2022. Elizabeth who turns 96 next year surpasses the record for longest reign by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria in charge for 63 years and seven months.