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Hidden cameras found in IKEA toilets in Britain

12:44, 02 October 2021
Hidden cameras found in IKEA toilets in Britain Photo: pixabay.com

The workers of the IKEA distribution center in British Peterborough have found hidden cameras in the toilets and dressing rooms.

One of the workers noticed a strange red light on the toilet ceiling. As it turned out it was an infra-red small camera sensor. After the discovery, the workers found some other CCTV in the ceiling panels. 

It’s been reported that toilet surveillance was set back in 2015, however, the IKEA executives claimed the cameras were turned off all the time. Eventually, the company was forced to remove all the cameras while the investigation was opened.

The workers considered that it was a violation of privacy and they were going to sue the company. 

An IKEA official spokesman said: "We take the protection of our co-workers' safety and privacy very seriously. In 2015, to maintain a safe workplace for all staff, surveillance cameras were installed in the ceilings of the bathrooms and locker areas, and in the corridors outside of these rooms at the distribution center.”

The Peterborough IKEA center helps deliver goods to the Swedish firm's 22 stores in Britain.

The French court fined IKEA €1 million for an unlawful gathering of workers’ private data on June 15. The former head of the French IKEA unit Jean-Louis Bayo was given a two-year suspended sentence and a €50,000 fine.

According to public prosecutor Pamela Tabardel, at least 400 people have been victims of illegal gathering of private data.