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Murderer David Fuller sentenced for life

19:31, 15 December 2021
Murderer David Fuller sentenced for life Photo: facebook.com/supcourt

The English murderer and sexual maniac David Fuller was sentenced for life for his many crimes as he was found guilty of two murders.

Fuller denied his involvement in the killings and instead said that he only took part in sexually deviant activities with corpses at the hospital where he worked.

Fuller used his special access card in order to access various areas of the hospital including the morgue where he sexually assaulted corpses of young girls and old ladies.

The police believe that he assaulted at least 100 corpses during his stay at the hospital.

He also took images and videos of the scenes.

His role of the murder of Caroline Pierce and Wendy Knell was proved thanks to new DNA tracking technologies. 

During the court hearing many family members of the victims gave their statements and comments on Fuller’s maldoings. 

When the crime was found out over 300 officers were sent across the UK to inform the families about what Fuller did to their dead relatives.