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Two trains collide in British Salisbury (PHOTOS)

10:18, 01 November 2021
Two trains collide in British Salisbury (PHOTOS) Photo: Christian Vorhofer/imageBROKER.com

Two trains collided near the tunnel in the British city of Salisbury on Sunday evening.

The British transport police said that 17 people including the severely injured train drivers were hospitalized as no one was reported dead. 

The witnesses said that the collision triggered panic among passengers and they called the situation “really scary and terrifying”.  

“Emergency services are responding to an incident at Fisherton Tunnel near Salisbury station, involving the 17.08 GWR service between Portsmouth Harbour and Bristol Temple Meads and the 17.20 SWR services from London Waterloo to Honiton,” a Great Western Railway spokesperson reported.

The Network Rail official said that the last car of one of the trains hit an object in the tunnel which made the train go off the rails while the other train couldn’t stop and collided with the first one.

The British media reported that fifty rescue workers, the police, and an ambulance had come to the scene while the train services were suspended in the area.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch and Office of Rail and Road said:” RAIB is deploying inspectors to the site of a collision between two trains near Salisbury Tunnel Junction. On arrival, they will commence a preliminary examination of the scene.”