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UK becomes first country to approve Merck’s COVID antiviral oral pills

18:10, 04 November 2021
UK becomes first country to approve Merck’s COVID antiviral oral pills Photo: pixabay.com

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency approved the medication created to deal with symptomatic COVID-19, the British government said in an issued statement on Thursday.

The specific pills, molnupiravir, were developed by Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck Sharp & Dohme and evaluated as safe and effective in reducing the risk of admitting to hospital and death of people from mild to moderate symptoms of coronavirus infection, which are able to expand to the severe level of illness, according to the UK’s government.

The new invention under the name “Lagevrio” (in the UK) became the first oral antiviral medication for use in case of the mild and moderate experiences of the disease.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid called the day of the medication approval the historic day for the UK as pills against COVID-19 might be soon taken at home. Javid said the medication is a “gamechanger” for those vulnerable and immunosuppressed, who will soon get “ground-breaking” healing.

How do pills battle the symptoms?

Lagevrio is considered to be effective in the early stages within five days after the disease was caught. The medication will avert the virus from replication thus maintaining the low level of virus’ presence in the body. The virus that could be no more multiplied won’t decrease the conditions of the infected for the worse.

The British medicine regulator highly recommends using the pills as early as possible since the infection has hit.

The approval came following the high number of registered cases in the UK as the concerns of the pandemic have considerably grown within the last months. 

The recently issued death toll of total victims of COVID-19 at large added oil into the fire of concerns about how to act further and what measures must be set up to become victorious over the pandemic and avoid further casualties.

Recently, the vaccine has been approved in California for kids aged 5-11, despite there being no casualties from COVID-19 for children.