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UK Deputy PM proposes to hire offenders to drive trucks over fuel crisis

15:50, 01 October 2021
UK Deputy PM proposes to hire offenders to drive trucks over fuel crisis

The British Deputy Premier Minister Dominic Raab proposes to hire some offenders to drive trucks amid a huge fuel crisis in the UK.

The current crisis has been triggered by the lack of truck drivers after Brexit. The lockdowns and numerous restrictions established by the government due to COVID-19 spreading sharpened the situation as the anti-coronavirus measures made it considerably harder to receive a truck driving license along with the fuel prices increase before Christmas.

The British government has accepted an additional 5,000 work visas to handle the crisis, but this amount of new foreign workers can’t cover the British needs. Earlier The Lord Chancellor has rejected Labour’s call for 100,000 migrant visas to provide sufficient drivers. 

Raab considered that a new migrant influx could have a long-term bad impact on the economy. He thinks that offenders can fill the driver’s gap instead. 

“We’ve been getting prisoners and offenders to do volunteering and unpaid work,” Raab claimed.


The crisis started on September 24 when dozens of automobiles were spotted all around England in queues at local gas stations to buy petrol. The panic buyers rushed to the stations after British oiled companies had closed several points due to shortages of truck drivers to deliver the fuel.

“Why not if there are shortages encourage them to do paid work where there’s a benefit for the economy, a benefit for society?” a Deputy PM asked. 

Two days ago the Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy Kwasi Kwarteng announced that fuel companies started to use the service of the British soldiers.

“It takes, sometimes, a few days to get troops on the ground. We have decided to do that. I think in the next couple of days you will see some soldiers driving tankers,” Kwarteng told reporters.