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UK’s MPs call for public inquiry into mortuary abuses following Fuller case

15:43, 06 November 2021
UK’s MPs call for public inquiry into mortuary abuses following Fuller case Photo: Alberto Pezzali/Global Look Press

British Members of Parliament demanded public inquiry regarding how the UK maniac, David Fuller, was able to have access to hospital morgues which evolved into him molesting more than a hundred female corpses.

Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark described the case as “shocking and devastating,” and concluded that such acts mustn’t be ever repeated.

Clark also said that one of these hospitals where the horrendous scenes took place is “very modern” and geared up with the latest security system. Thus he concluded if such immorality happened there, it may happen elsewhere.

Clark was joined by seven other MPs from Kent and East Sussex who supported his idea of public inquiry - Tracey Crouch, Nusrat Ghani, Helen Grant, Huw Merriman, Laura Trott, Tom Tugendhat, and Helen Whately. All the mentioned MPs in a joint statement said: “These are some of the most depraved crimes that have ever been heard in a British court and that requires a response that matches their gravity.”

“Nothing can undo the horror that the families of the victims are experiencing. We are determined to ensure that no other family ever has to endure what many of our constituents are going through now.”

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said that the NHS has sent messages to all trusts asking them to provide access to the mortuaries and post-mortem activities for the investigation within the case, according to BBC.

Earlier, the hospital worker, David Fuller, has admitted to murdering two females in 1987 and confessed to acts of sexual abuse of more than 100 dead women's bodies, including underage girls, according to the source.

The trial related to Fuller’s case started on November 1.

The first crime of the 67-year-old culprit was killing two women - Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in Royal Tunbridge Wells, 30 miles southeast of London. 

The culprit had also been sexually abusing the corpses in two Kent morgues for over 12 years. It was happening from 2008 to 2020, by the date of his arrest on December 4, 2020.

On November 4, the fourth day of the trial Fuller had changed his plea to guilty despite denying the murdering before.

Before the trial started he had pleaded guilty on 51 charges, including 44 accusations regarding 78 identified victims of two morgues where he worked as an electrician.

The family of the killed in 1987 Knell said that “it’s good knowing he will not be in a position to hurt or cause any more pain.”

British police have all the evidence regarding murder as Fuller’s semen was discovered on Pierce’s tights, the single attribute of her clothes she was dressed when the victim was found in a dyke three weeks after her disappearance.

Proof that he killed Knell also takes place as his DNA, including saliva was found on the victim's bedding, towel, and intimate samples.

Moreover, following his arrest, the investigators have found a concealed storage of the pornographic content including the footage of how Fuller himself abused dead bodies in both morgues. He kept multiple DVDs, memory cards, and hard drives full of extreme porn and indecent images attached to the rear part of the commode in his loft.

A row of indisputable evidence likely led to Fuller pleading guilty.