United Kingdom

UK to tighten COVID measures as two Omicron cases erupt in country

10:10, 28 November 2021
UK to tighten COVID measures as two Omicron cases erupt in country Photo: Han Yan/XinHua/Global Look Press

Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson said that England will establish anti-COVID-19 measures starting the next week after two cases of the new Omicron variant have been spotted in the country.

Face coverings at public places as well as PCR tests for those who enter the country will become mandatory in the country. People who contacted with the new variant would have to self isolate even if inoculated twice, Johnson said at a conference at Downing Street.

The new variant has been detected in Brentwood and Nottingham. It is reported to have been brought from Africa and the contractors along with their households are currently self-isolating according to the Health Minister of the UK, Sajid Javid.

Omicron was first discovered in South Africa on Wednesday and the preliminary data indicated that it has a greater risk of reinfection.

Boris Johnson said the scientists are working with the virus “hour by hour” and suggested it spreads swiftly even between those who are fully vaccinated.

“We need to slow down the spread of this variant in the UK because measures at the border can only ever minimise and delay the arrival of a new variant rather than stop it all together,” Boris Johnson said at a conference.

The final decision on measures to prevent the spread of contagion will be set up in roughly three weeks as this period is needed to get to know what the country has to deal with.