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American special forces secretly train Taiwan soldiers, Pentagon says

17:43, 08 October 2021
American special forces secretly train Taiwan soldiers, Pentagon says Photo: pixabay.com

American special forces and marines secretly trained Taiwan soldiers during the last year amid rising tensions with China, the Pentagon officials told AFP.

A Pentagon spokesman John Supple said on Thursday that the United States provided Taiwan's military with all possible and necessary help. 

"Our support for and defense relationship with Taiwan remains aligned against the current threat posed by the People’s Republic of China," Supple said.

Last November, Taiwan media reported that a small group of American specialists arrived to train Taiwan marines. Both the US and Taiwan authorities denied the presence of American soldiers on the Island.

Earlier on July 1, Chinese Xi Jinping in his speech to Chinese people during the celebration of the 100 anniversary of founding the Communist party said that a runaway province (Taiwan) must be united with China. 

Taiwan’s MAC strictly responded to the Chinese claims saying that China was in an attempt to suppress democracy, violate human rights and it has grown more dictatorial domestically.

Earlier, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry announced that a record number of 38 Chinese military jets had made an incursion into the island’s air defense zone.

October 4 was the fourth day of Chinese aircraft incursion in a row, with approximately 150 fighter jets sent into Taiwan’s defense zone in total.

This week the US administration confirmed that American President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have agreed to negotiate online before the end of 2021. The leaders will discuss a wide range of issues including the situation around Taiwan.